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Basecamp To-do Numbers

Many of you are already familiar with our auto numbering integration for Asana or Wrike. You can read more about that here. We have developed a similar functionality for Basecamp as well, allowing you to setup a unique human readable numbering system for your to-dos.

Configuration Parameters

For each project, you can configure a prefix, a starting value, a suffix, and the padding to use for the number. Our system will then listen for all new to-dos being created and within seconds apply a unique number to the to-do.

The numbering can be setup project by project. Using this method each project can have a different configuration of prefix / suffix values. We also offer a mechanism to apply a globally unique number across to-dos in all projects.

In order to get started with a trial, you can follow these steps:

  1. Register for a trial here.

  2. Click the blue button to create a new process.

  3. Select Basecamp and Custom Actions as the two systems to integrate.

  4. Select Auto Numbering as the custom action to perform.

  5. Complete the wizard process.

Once you are done, create a to-do in Basecamp. Wait approximately 5 seconds and then refresh the page. You will see the number being applied to your to-do.

The number that is prepended to the to-do can be used as a reference for the to-do going forward. This includes searches as well. Users can search for a reference number and immediately see the task appear as a search result.


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