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Default Assignee in Asana

Asana has a very streamlined interface for task management. Entering tasks in either the board or list views within Asana is straightforward, and one of the beauties is that you do not need any additional information to enter a new task.

Compare this to some of the other task management systems available, and there are a host of fields that complicate the task entry forms, leaving users feeling overwhelmed when it's time to add tasks into their tracking system. This often causes your users to track items outside of Asana, in spreadsheets, their inbox, etc. This causes several issues, beyond the scope of this article.

However, one of the downsides of the approach Asana is using is that if you did need to add additional information to a task, it requires a few more clicks to get something that should otherwise be very simple. For example, should you want to set a description on the task, this would involve a few more clicks.

There are some actions that are always the same as well. If you are a team of one, then you probably need to go through and assign each task to yourself after you create it. This then becomes tedious with the extra mouse clicks needed. For larger teams, perhaps you would like the assignee to default to the user creating the task and save the entire team some trouble when creating tasks.

We have a solution that solves this problem. With a 3 step wizard, you will just need to answer the following questions:

  1. Select the workspace to enable the feature on.

  2. Should the auto assignment apply to all projects or a specific project.

  3. Specify if the assignment should be to your user or to the creator of the task.

It's that simple, all tasks created from that point on will be automatically assigned based on your settings.

We do offer a free trial and you can register for one here. You can also watch the video below which will guide you through the steps of setting this up.


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