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HubSpot + Asana Integration

HubSpot does a fantastic job as a CRM and marketing tool, among many of the other features. One thing it is lacking though is as a project management or task management tool. To HubSpot's credit however, this is not something they are striving to achieve.

HubSpot contains basic task tracking abilities. You can create a simple task, assign it to an individual to work on, specify a due date, and track it's status. You can also update a description that contains more specifics on what needs to occur.

See below for a screenshot of the image you can capture of a task in HubSpot.

This does lack several components that a typical project management system would utilize for task tracking. For example, does this task belong to a larger project? Are there dependencies on other tasks? Are there additional fields like the duration the task is taking, what stage is it in (open, in progress, validation, complete)? There are lots of pieces of information that HubSpot is missing.

However, there is a key piece of data it does have. It maintains a link back to the associated record in HubSpot. This could be a client, a deal, or pretty much anything else that your sales or customer service teams could be interacting with. So both systems have valuable information, and therefore need to ideally be integrated together.

That is where our integration comes in. We have the ability to take tasks from HubSpot and create them directly in Asana. The integration is bi-directional as well so as tasks are checked off and marked complete in Asana, their status will be updated in HubSpot as well.

To find out more, sign up for a free trial of our integration here.


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